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  • RedHood47

    Blog #3

    So I am an avid Walking Dead fan. I've been following the show since it's premier on Halloween of 2010. It's the only show I watch on TV weekly and don't miss an episode of. I own volumes 1-8, the compendium 2 and volumes 17-19 as well as issues 115, 116, 117 and buying 118 when it comes out next week (so essentially I own and read all 117 issues) and played part of the TellTale game. I never got around to reading the novels though, and I am really considering buying them. Question is, are they worth it? Are they good? I've heard very mixed reviews about them. So would you recommend them? Also if I did buy them, which would look nicer on the rest of my shelf; the hard cover or the paper back? And I heard book 3 is split into two hal…

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  • RedHood47

    Blog #2

    Ohk so I was surfing the Wiki and ran into the Smallville Wiki and noticed something kind of neat, they put up a "random quote" on their home page. I was thinking maybe we should do something like this. It could be right above our "user activity newsfeed". We could do it like a quote of the day, week or month. Personally I think a "quote of the week" would be a really nice addition to our homepage! The quote could be from the games/show/comics. Or after the release of an issue we take the best quote and just use that and change it up every month or so. There's countless ways we could approach the idea if we as a community think it's a good enough idea.

    I would make a poll on this blog for us to vote on but sadly I don't know how, so …

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  • RedHood47

    Blog #1

    So here is my first official blog here on the Wiki! With that out of the way, I have looked and haven't seen any other blogs about this topic so here it goes...

    I've been watching season 3 and I just realized something, Andrea NEVER mentioned that she was at the CDC and explained to Milton and The Governor how the re animation process occurs and the stages of it. As well as telling them that the French were close to a cure before they fell. So where I'm getting at...she knew how devastated Governor was about loosing Penny and how she was reanimated and how Milton was frantically trying to find a cure or anything to benefit from when Andrew knows the answers to these questions that are practically driving these two.

    Please no comments …

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