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Issue_128 Review Blog


Welcome to my first ever Comic review!  I usually don't do this sort of thing, but I haven't seen any other reviews out there for 128.  So, here goes!

Overall Rating

I still very much enjoyed reading this issue, as I do most.  But in comparison to some of the epic issues in AOW, and other widely acclaimed issues, this issue earns a modest:


Rating System: This score reflects my opinion of how enjoyable the issue was - in comparision to other issues of the comic.  I do not have some elaborate scoring system where I evaluate seperate components individually and compile an overall score.  I must admit that, like many, I am biased to enjoy the action-heavy issues more than those that are almost exclusively plot or character building.  Thus, my opinion will typically reflect that bias.


I don't like the depiction of Negan so far.  He seems very hung up on what Carl thinks of him.  I find this to be a contradiction to his former self.  Yes, people can and do change.  But people like Negan don't necesarilly care what others think of them; They always have full confidence in themselves and always believe that what they do and believe is right.  I don't quite buy-in to him following Rick to a complete epiphany in the final issue of AOW, and therefore, would believe that he deserves some sort of punishment for being a ruthless, oppressive leader.

My hope is that this is a sort of passing phase, and/or Negan is merely working an angle with Carl, to earn his trust and one day escape.  My gut tells me that Negan should be seeking retribution instead of redemption.


Lately with each issue, Eugene is becoming more and more prominent and important to the community.  At one point, Rick even says so outright.  Eugene dating Rosita satisfies many comic fans who were kind of pulling for that to happen. But, we also see that even though they are together, they are somewhat distant from each other.  I wouldn't be surprised if they split at somepoint and Eugene ends up with a now-slimmer Olivia.  Boom!

The Dialogue between Eugene and Rick was very intelligently constructed, and very enjoyable. Eugene is awesome.


There are many things that can happen with Carl right now, and it's bittersweet that he's shipping off to Hilltop. It's interesting to see how strongly he wants to contribute something valuable rather than idly spend his time being a kid. Hopefully going forward, Kirkman doesn't do too much off-panel development.


Andrea can be such a b**** sometimes! But, I guess that's part of why we love her.  The interactions between her and Magna was a subtle throwback of Andrea and Abraham's first interactions - pure gold.

Anyway... I like Magna so far but I would have liked more information about her group's past.  We didn't get many details about the nursing home.  Magna says that people started showing up, and things got bad.  How/why is more people showing up to a safe zone a bad thing?  What made it bad?

Another significant plot hole in Magna's backstory that was never addressed was their 'carriage system', with a trailer hooked up to horses.  Yes, being up high keeps you out of reach from the walkers, but what about the horses?  If you get trapped by a herd (which im sure has happened to them), your horses are toast. Then what? They had to have a strategy for that.

And finally, in 7 months, they ran into no other people?

Perhaps some of it is bs that Magna and her group cooked up and collectively memorized before Andrea interviewed them so that they could conceal some gory details of their past. There's a void there that could have been filled with something much more interesting, but instead we only get a few pages of blah. I want more. Hopefully we get it in later issues, but I'm not betting on it.

I did enjoy the final few pages where Magna and her group talk about their suspicions.  It felt similar to how Rick's group first reacted when they came to ASZ - simultaneously a clever throwback and an ominous foreboding of what may come next.

Final Thoughts

Where is Michonne?  While there are several characters with unknown fates after the time-skip, none are as prominent as Michonne. I want answers!


It's pretty wide-open at the moment. I don't think we will some external villian interrupting the community for quite some time. We have a lot to reconcile with the time-skip, and a lot happening within ASZ to keep things interesting. It looks like the main source of strife and drama for the group will come from within.  I could even see some soap-opera drama develop between Eugene and Rosita, and perhaps some violence ensuing as retaliation for some liaison between Rosita and some other character. Even though I'm reaching, I could see some sort of connection between Rick and Magna occuring, making Andrea jealous and bristle.  And of course we always have the Negan wild-card.  What if Rosita is out late because she went to hook up with Negan? Boom.