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  • RedGrimes

    SPOILERS!!!  You have been warned!

    Welcome to the second issue of RedGrimes Reviews! Conversation is encouraged; Feedback is welcome.

    A New Beginning continues on. The plot lines thicken, becoming rich with suspense and foreshadowing elements, with 129 ending on a great cliffhanger. For more, see Issue_129.


    In my opinion, this issue is one of the better plot-driven issues that Kirkman and Aldard have churned out recently; a bit of redemption from 128. Very well-done.

    Rating System: A simple comparison of how enjoyable this issue is compared to others before it. Naturally, opinions are subjective. You are free to agree or disagree.

    It seems like Carl is actually developing into a normal-ish young man, despite the many gruesome and horrible t…

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  • RedGrimes

    SPOILERS!!!  You have been warned!

    Issue_128 Review Blog

    Welcome to my first ever Comic review!  I usually don't do this sort of thing, but I haven't seen any other reviews out there for 128.  So, here goes!

    I still very much enjoyed reading this issue, as I do most.  But in comparison to some of the epic issues in AOW, and other widely acclaimed issues, this issue earns a modest:


    Rating System: This score reflects my opinion of how enjoyable the issue was - in comparision to other issues of the comic.  I do not have some elaborate scoring system where I evaluate seperate components individually and compile an overall score.  I must admit that, like many, I am biased to enjoy the action-heavy issues more than those that are almost exclus…

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  • RedGrimes

    The Zombie Problem

    November 22, 2013 by RedGrimes

    Most of the time I am fully willing to ignore issues of realism for the sake of story and entertainment purposes, provided a certain franchise establishes a baseline set of rules to govern the unrealistic components and operates (for the most part) within those rules.  However, I feel that TWD TV series has been stretching the franchise-established 'zombie rules' a bit too much lately, detracting from an otherwise great story.  I enjoyed the latest episode "live bait" but there was something about it that felt off, and I wanted to take some time to reflect on it before I could articulate exactly what it was. Let me set the scene:

    Sunday evening, there I am watching the latest episode 'Live Bait', realising that they were bringing elements f…

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  • RedGrimes

    Derle, not Daryl

    March 22, 2013 by RedGrimes

    Should we update the character page?



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  • RedGrimes

    "The walking Dead draws 10 million viewers a week... tops huge hits like “The Big Bang Theory,” “Modern Family,” and “The Voice” in the key adults 18-to-49 demographic."

    Source: http://tv.yahoo.com/photos/fall-tv-winners-losers-slideshow/

    Not sure if there's another blog like this, but I thought it was pretty cool that TWD was declared the best show on television. (But of course, we already knew that!)

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