Hey, listen, I'm hoping someone could help me with something. Something that's been on my mind and it's about Season 2 of the Walking Dead video game and I could use someone's opinion or knowledge. Now I know for a fact, and have had people tell me, aside from one person, that the game will be available for X-Box 360 and could be coming out on December 17th or 18th but the strange thing is that my X-Box 360 hasn't requested an update on the game even though season 2 is coming out in less then a week, it did a similar then for 400 days but it's not doing it now. Now it probably hasn't gotten the news yet or something like but I don't know. Can anyone, ANYONE, help me understand what's going on?

Ok, Now I've heard that the Walking Dead Season 2 game will be a standalone game but is it REALLY? And if so will I be able to buy the game before or after the release date comes up?