Hey, it's me again. Listen, a few months ago, in case some of you have forgotten or didn't know my walking dead game experianced a glitch that said the storage device was lost and thus stopping me from playing it. I got advice from another editor here that by creating a new account that problem would be solved and he was right. Unfortunitly, as I have said in the title that glitch has shown up AGAIN, now what do I do? And will it effect my other files when season 2 finally comes out? One thing i have noticed though is that just like the first time that glitch occurs on the third file near the end of episode 4, just FYI. So does ANYONE have any clue what this means or what I should do now?

Hey, something odd just happened now while I was playing. I tried out one of your suggestions; copying one of my earlier files and pasting it to the third then skipping over the spot that appears to be buggy and it worked... for the most part. You see according to the stats it said on that file that I got Lee to hid his bite from the others when I actually showed them in the first file and when the episode five started, that's the part I skipped to BTW they all say I showed them the bite after all even though the stats say otherwise. Also some of the choices I previously made on the third file before I deleted, copied and pasted a another file to it, showed up, but just two. Now either that's a coicidence or something else it going on. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Also, I think something might be wrong with the stats.