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RedArcher December 21, 2013 User blog:RedArcher

Ok, now I know things like this have been discussed and probably still ARE being discussed but I still say we need to figure out Clementine's age and stick with it, end of story. Not to mention all the changing of her age is getting a bit annoying. I mean can't we all all make up our minds or something? Now some people, including me, think it's 10 and others say it's 11, even the voice actor but I don't know because according to MY math she's 10 and won't be turning 11 for like two more months, give or take. Then again I am pretty bad at Math, but I don't know I not COMPLETELY bad at it. Now if anybody wants to tell me what their thoughts are go right ahead it's a free country after all.

If you want to vote on it, go ahead also.

What is Clementine's age?

The poll was created at 20:32 on December 21, 2013, and so far 99 people voted.

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