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  • RedArcher

    Clems Age

    December 21, 2013 by RedArcher

    Ok, now I know things like this have been discussed and probably still ARE being discussed but I still say we need to figure out Clementine's age and stick with it, end of story. Not to mention all the changing of her age is getting a bit annoying. I mean can't we all all make up our minds or something? Now some people, including me, think it's 10 and others say it's 11, even the voice actor but I don't know because according to MY math she's 10 and won't be turning 11 for like two more months, give or take. Then again I am pretty bad at Math, but I don't know I not COMPLETELY bad at it. Now if anybody wants to tell me what their thoughts are go right ahead it's a free country after all.

    If you want to vote on it, go ahead also.

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  • RedArcher

    X-BOX 360

    December 11, 2013 by RedArcher

    Hey, listen, I'm hoping someone could help me with something. Something that's been on my mind and it's about Season 2 of the Walking Dead video game and I could use someone's opinion or knowledge. Now I know for a fact, and have had people tell me, aside from one person, that the game will be available for X-Box 360 and could be coming out on December 17th or 18th but the strange thing is that my X-Box 360 hasn't requested an update on the game even though season 2 is coming out in less then a week, it did a similar then for 400 days but it's not doing it now. Now it probably hasn't gotten the news yet or something like but I don't know. Can anyone, ANYONE, help me understand what's going on?

    Ok, Now I've heard that the Walking Dead Season…

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  • RedArcher

    The Glitch Has Returned

    October 21, 2013 by RedArcher

    Hey, it's me again. Listen, a few months ago, in case some of you have forgotten or didn't know my walking dead game experianced a glitch that said the storage device was lost and thus stopping me from playing it. I got advice from another editor here that by creating a new account that problem would be solved and he was right. Unfortunitly, as I have said in the title that glitch has shown up AGAIN, now what do I do? And will it effect my other files when season 2 finally comes out? One thing i have noticed though is that just like the first time that glitch occurs on the third file near the end of episode 4, just FYI. So does ANYONE have any clue what this means or what I should do now?

    Hey, something odd just happened now while I was pla…

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  • RedArcher

    Season 2 Gaming Consoles

    October 9, 2013 by RedArcher

    Say does anyone know if the next season of the Walking Dead game will come out on X-Box 360 because that is the only console I have. I mean I know is coming out on Ouya and PlayStation 4 but they haven't mentioned anything about X-Box 360, maybe they are but what if they aren't? This little gap of knowledge bothers me.

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