Greetings. Once again we get two sneak peeks and one promo for the next episode, so here are the Sneak Peeks and the promo for episode 4x04, "Indifference".

(I believe these videos can be viewed in any country.)


Sneak Peek #1:

Sneak Peek #2:

My thoughts on these videos:


Alright, so first we can see Rick witnessing someone dragging a body away, just like with Karen and David. Could it be Carol at it again?

After that we see Rick and Carol driving into a neighborhood while Rick says: "Anything that can help Hershel, we get in, we get out." This could mean either Hershel got The Flu after being coughed in the face by Dr. S, or they simply will just get medical supplies for him.

We then see the scene from Sneak Peek #2, and Tyreese asking why Michonne's still angry, in which she replies "I don't know."

We see Lizzie telling Carol "a lot of people die, it's what always happens." Carol then replies with "You don't give up."

Sneak Peek 1:

Once again Rick saves Carol from a walker. To be honest, I think Carol's time is almost up, as Rick keeps saving her, and I think that's just AMC's hints at her death. Also, in the end, the door was opened. I think that could be a human, as a walker can't really open doors (?)

Sneak Peek 2:

In this one, we see Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Tyreese escaping from the herd. If I'm not wrong, it looks like they are in the hospital Rick woke up in. Not much else is shown but them running away with flashlights.

What are your thoughts on these videos?