I was scrolling through Tumblr earlier today, and came over a post where someone had brightened the shadows in the Amid the Ruins banner. So I went ahead and put together some images with resemblance to their shape and brightened details. I'll include some explaining below each image about my theories.

First, let's have a look at the actual banner: Amid TR Home Screen Amid TR Home Screen No Clem
The version below is before Clementine enters the image.

Alright, now let's go deeper.

Shadow Theory #1: Doug

ATR Doug Theory

So, we start off with the shadow on the far left. As you can see, both the hair and facial features strongly resembles Doug. Well, obviously Doug is not alive anymore. So it is obvious that this is just a hallucination or just some kind of memory from Clementine.

Shadow Theory #2: Vince

ATR Vince Theory

As we move on to the second shadow, we can see that the eyes are exactly like Vince's, along with the mustache and hair on his forehead. Many people thought this shadow was Kenny, and I'll admit, I thought so too, because there is another version of this image where the hair is exactly the same as Vince's, while this one has a mullet. I can only guess Vince got a mullet or something, or it's simply just a entirely new character.

Shadow Theory #3: Duck

ATR Duck Theory

The third shadow only shows when you switch episodes, as Clementine covers the shadow, but as you can see, the shadow look kind of like a child, and you can barely see an ear on the right side of the shadow's head. This was the only character I could think of when seeing this shadow. Also, the shadow seems to have some kind of... wound, maybe? It could be the gunshot from when you shot him. If you left him to reanimate, I have no idea.

Shadow Theory #4: Johnny or Larry

ATR Larry Theory

As for the fourth shadow, this instantly reminded me of Johnny, as the shadow seems to be wearing a hat. But, on second thought, I thought of Larry, as it could also be ears and not a hat. But I just went ahead and added both. I'll let you make something out of it.

Shadow Theory #5: Eddie

ATR Eddie Theory

Now, I think most of you have already seen the image of Eddie. But I just included him anyway. Again, here he is, with the strongest resemblance of the bunch. I don't think I have to say much, I think you can clearly see it's him.

Shadow Theory #6: Carley

ATR Carley Theory

There's not much on this shadow to take standpoint from, as the hair is mostly the only thing we can compare. Carley was the first thing that got to my mind, as the hair is identical. Now, this is where I started thinking, there's both Carley AND Doug on here, so it has to have some meaning behind this.


So my conclusion is:

Doug and Carley: As there is a strong resemblance with Doug's facial features and hair, and Carley's hair, I think Clementine was traumatized by their deaths, and got reminded of this somehow.

Vince and Eddie: As for Vince, it could be as I said, a new character, so I'm not sure what to think of this one. But his face still really looks like him. For Eddie I don't know, but it can be she meets him later on and gets to know him.

Duck and Larry: Clementine was a close friend to Duck, and was affected by his death. She also witnessed Larry's death, which was quite brutal, so she was also very affected by this.

So, most of these shadows I think can be "ghosts" of people who affected Clementine. I am not sure of the Vince look-alike or Eddie, but I can guess she gets to know both of them.

Thank you for reading my blog, leave your thoughts below!