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  • RazorWolfz

    I was scrolling through Tumblr earlier today, and came over a post where someone had brightened the shadows in the Amid the Ruins banner. So I went ahead and put together some images with resemblance to their shape and brightened details. I'll include some explaining below each image about my theories.

    First, let's have a look at the actual banner:

    The version below is before Clementine enters the image.

    Alright, now let's go deeper.

    So, we start off with the shadow on the far left. As you can see, both the hair and facial features strongly resembles Doug. Well, obviously Doug is not alive anymore. So it is obvious that this is just a hallucination or just some kind of memory from Clementine.

    As we move on to the second shadow, we can see that …

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  • RazorWolfz

    So, I just took a closer look at the background characters in the banner for "Amid The Ruins" and I couldn't help but notice someone who beared a striking resemblance to Eddie from 400 Days. So, I went ahead and brightened the image, and yes indeed, it is Eddie. So, people, he is alive!

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  • RazorWolfz


    Telltale just posted a tweet:

    #TheWalkingDead Season Two - #IamClementine - Tomorrow 12pm PST / 3pm EST - telltalegames.com - WATCH vine.co/v/h2B7WMtuX2t

    They also included a Vine with Clementine with a bloody face looking at a house WITH LIGHTS!


    There's the Tweet. I can't be wrong here. The only way I see this is that they are releasing it tomorrow. Get ready, Tumblr, you're gonna crash.

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  • RazorWolfz

    New "Unseen" Image

    December 6, 2013 by RazorWolfz

    Hey, everyone!

    So, this morning I was working on my sandbox, and I saw the Placeholder image for the unseen characters. I haven't given it much thought before, but now I finally decided to make a new placeholder image on Photoshop. I have seen a few wikia's with their own, unique placeholder images, and I thought this wikia should too. I made two versions, one with simply just a red, Walking Dead style font questionmark, and an identical one with text. If this will be used, I have no idea. I'll set up a poll, as well as an example of my versions.

    OK, hope you made up your mind, because here's the poll:

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  • RazorWolfz

    So, there's this hilarious series on YouTube by mans1ay3r where he mixes up sentences and creates hilarious moments in The Walking Dead Video Game. He also does Skyrim, GTA and more. There's currently 4 parts, and if you haven't already, you gotta see 'em!

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