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Raylan13 February 27, 2014 User blog:Raylan13

As a way to promote the incredible work performed here on the Walking Dead Wikia, we want to produce a brand new Fannotation video! What is a fannotation video you ask? It is "pop-up" style annotation of a trailer with expert knowledge pulled right from the Wikia community. You can check out an example HERE.

We think this could work great with the latest episode trailer (Episode 2: A House Divided), embedded below. Do you know the names of the characters, landmarks, or maybe some character stories? Perhaps there's some other trivia hidden in the trailer. Help us fannotate by leaving time stamps and facts or trivia in the comments below. Then come back when we update the blog and post the final video where we'll show off your expertise!

UPDATE: Here it is folks, your Fannotated video!

The Walking Dead A House Divided Trailer Fannotation01:42

The Walking Dead A House Divided Trailer Fannotation

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