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  • Ranz Luna

    So, I was thinking about season three, then, after I browsed the sypnosis of the coming episodes(Based on the comics series, but because of the twisting storyline...)

    "The Suicide King"- The title suggest Suicide King, the question is who? In the comics, it was Carol who comitted suicide, but the title says "King." and in fact Carol has stronger personality than her comics counterpart. It's hard to speculate and I'm not sure who, but I'm guessing it's either Allen, Ben trying to take over prison not knowing about Rick. Or maybe Rick himself, for he will risk his life to save Daryl and the fact that he will go "Home" to find Tyreese.

    "Home"- Obviously we can say, Rick will find Morgan, and encounter maybe some others?(The Gang in Vatos? Them?…

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