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Beth and Daryl spends a night to a car while a horde of walkers are coming (and this is the first time to use Anna Turner's handkerchief.) Daryl captures a snake and Beth creates a fire with the glass she got in the car. Then, they eat the snake. Beth swears to Daryl by doing a middle finger insult to him (Reaction Beth fans and Daryl fans?). They go to a golf club and Beth grabs an alcohol. Then, she gets attacked by a walker and she destroys the alcohol. She finds a half-filled alcohol. Then, Daryl and Beth drink a moonshine. Telling the past and the past. They leave the house burning. (with two bad fingers)

"I can't belive it!" Scenes.

Beth , doing a middle-finger to Daryl.

Daryl and Beth, eating a snake caught.

Mass murder in the club.

Beth, drinking an alcohol.

Daryl, grabbing money from the bag.

Beth and Daryl, middle-fingering towards to the fire.

Episode Score

Development Acting Story Overall
25/40 20/25 25/35 70/100

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