This blog post contains a speculation to the episode "Inmates".


After watching all the promos, I've noticed the bus and Glenn. We see Maggie, crying inside of the bus' interior. Tara, talking to Glenn (who has the riot armor). Daryl shocked to someone, who's dead or devoured. Glenn, waking up outside of the prison. Beth talking to Daryl.


Glenn gets to a coma or a hallucination.

The bus was outside of the prison, and Glenn awakes some on the debris. (o prob a coma)

Or no. I think that he got out of the bus, but I think Mitch saw him, so he fired a shot to him, getting Glenn uncousious.

Beth and Daryl

Beth escapes the camp or prob gets devoured while sleeping. Daryl goes on himself while scavenging and finds himself on the Greene Farm. Seeing the barn finished burning, he goes inside of the house (or no) and finds the group.

Rick, Carl, and Michonne

This shows that the three we're living together and they go outside to regroup with others, but they saw a car that is full of guns, supplies. Then, Glenn and Tara walks towards them, realizing that Rick is aiming at them, he uses his old quote in the very end of Issue 52 that he was really going to kill them.

Bob and Sasha, Tyreese, Lizzie and Mika

This group gets reunited by Lizzie and her little sis or Tyreese, then they go to the neighborhood where Rick is living, but finds footprints towards Rick.

Before we go to the end....

I want to ask you guys some "What if?" Q/A's.

  • What if Shane is still alive after the barn's destruction?
    • My answer: Rick doesn't know if the "we're all carriers" is real and Shane comes with the group in the prison. After episode "Killer Within", he will look at Rick, who's crying at Lori's death. Then, he realizes that Glenn gets kidnapped and goes with Rick in the Woodbury Assult, Oscar doesn't die. Then, he goes with Rick and Maggie during the Dixon rescue. He will die at "Too Far Gone" or "This Sorrowful Life".
  • What if Merle's alive in the episode "This Sorrowful Life"?
    • Daryl will find him, bleeding with a bullet. Then, he gets him to the prison, but he will not die in Season 3 finale. He comes to the Big Spot scavenging, then saves Bob while Daryl and co. protecting him. He would get a heroic death. He will die at "Too Far Gone" or "A" (Season 4 Finale)

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Episode "Inmates" is near, I'll watch it on monday. Thank you for reading this!!!

Ramonce12345 (talk) 08:29, February 16, 2014 (UTC)