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Let's Start

After Alexandria Safe-Zone was destroyed, the survivors move out in Hilltop Colony and live in there. Meanwhile, Carson hears that [[[Dwight]] was on Alexandria's side and tell him that he's with him. Negan and other saviors modify their weapons by mucking their bullets/bolts to the walker blood. Negan attacks Hilltop and Carson releases the prisoners, Mark and Amber come with Carson. Kal gets shot by Negan's orders and others start mucking their weapons to the walker blood.

The question is:

Did really Dwight muck his bolts?

(I will show you an image below)


Did really Dwight muck his bolts?

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After they destroy the gates, Rick's army starts to fire the Saviors and many of them (both sides) get killed. Dwight and Negan go to seperate the Saviors and Rick tells his army to box them, this plan failed because Dwight shot Rick.

Tell us why Rick is alive?

After watching/reading the episode, I used print-screen to get the photos. I got two images why Rick is alive.


This shows where really Dwight shot Rick. Could CamTheWoot know if the arrow destroyed some organs?

Now, about the arrow.


The arrow looks clean. Possibly Dwight did NOT muck his arrows or possibly a troll from Kirkman and Adlard. This shows why Rick is still alive not infected.

Do you believe that Rick is still alive and not infected?

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