Hidden Things on The Walking Dead

Hidden Thing #1

Is the Terminus Group cannibals?

by: Ramonce12345

About the blog series


TOTWD or Things On The Walking Dead blog series is to give some information about something, review a character, post a poll, or someting that I can do. Please tell me if it is bad, worse, or the worst blog series that you have ever seen on this wiki.

About Hidden TOTWD We watch, read, and play The Walking Dead, some of the players, viewers, readers saw something hidden about the enemy, protagonist, or someone. I created Hidden TATWD or Hidden Things About The Walking Dead to show you something hidden on about someting or someone(if you didn't notice it). Please tell me if you have noticed these things. 

About this blog:

Many of us watched "A", but I watched it like 3 times and noticed this. This will (possibly) answer people's questions about Terminus' possible cannibalism. 

This blog will answer:

  • Terminus' possible cannibalism
  • Where the Terminus' meat came from
  • Why Terminus didn't shoot Rick but trapped them instead


About Terminus

On "Isolation", it is mentioned as Sanctuary and it caused Daryl to crash on the Herd. On "Inmates", we see Chris' father and Chris going to Terminus and mentioned it is safe. We saw a map which the Sanctuary mentioned on Isolation is Terminus. On "Claimed", Rick, Carl, and Michonne saw a map to Terminus. On "Alone", we saw tons of Terminus maps. All of them are dirty because of Maggie giving a message to Glenn. On "Us", we saw a map of Terminus, a writing ruined a map which is written by Maggie, (Sasha and Bob possibly). On the very end of the episode, we saw Terminus physicall. On "A", we saw Rick and co. going to Terminus, but Joe's group found them. Rick and co. w/ Daryl defeated Joe's group. The team goes inside of Terminus, but in a diferrent way. They saw some familiar belongings and they attempt to get the belongings but failed. They got trapped and went in Box Car A (by Gareth's orders). They found Glenn and co. inside of the Box Car.

Part 1: The Bodies

I think anyone of you saw this on "A", on 36:11 while Rick is running. You can see a pile of bloddy savaged bodies. As seen on this picture:



Terminus are possibly cannibals!

This is where they get their meat. This is will happen when someone gets captured in Terminus and this is their style!!

End of the blog

I would like to take all of your reactions to my blog. Thank you for your time reading this. I'm Ramonce12345 and I'm out!

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