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A House Divided - A Review


This blog post is about a review to the recently released episode "A House Divided". My second review blog post.




IHW Mugged Spoiler alert!
This game was recently released. The following content and information on this page may contain major spoilers for those who have yet to play it. Caution is advised. 


The episode starts in a shed, with the saved character (Pete/Nick). After closing the shed:

If saved Pete:

He will not cut off his leg and will stay on the shed.

If saved Nick:

Nick finds some whiskeys on the shed and they spend the night on the shed. He will let Clementine go to the cabin.

After that, Clementine runs to the back of the cabin, seeing Carlos and Rebbeca. They ask for Luke and Alvin, but she tells them that she went to the cabin alone. Carlos and Rebbeca search for Luke and Alvin, and tells Clementine to watch Sarah. After some minutes,  they see some shadows, Sarah thought it was Luke but it was Carver. After some questions and answers, Carver leaves and the search party came back.

They leave the cabin and find (Pete/Nick).

If saved Pete:

They will find Pete dead.

If saved Nick:

They will find Nick, lying on the floor. He asks some aspirin.

5 Days later...

They were on the bridge, near the mountains, then Clementine and Luke walks towards to the bridge. Clem and Luke were surrounded. Luke falls and after some moment, Luke gets up and sees Matthew. After some talking, Matthew gets shot by Nick (if saved). They went for the ski lodge after a horde of walkers comes to them.

After going to the ski lodge...

Luke tells Clementine to go up and check. Clementine sees lights (presumbably Carver's group). After telling Luke, Luke come to the group, who is surrounded by a group. Clementine walks towards to the main group and sees Kenny. After meeting him, Kenny will tell you that you can help Walter for the food. ]

After sometime, there will be a hard choice when you are eating.

Where did you sit? </p>

The poll was created at 01:23 on March 5, 2014, and so far 88 people voted.

Walter and Clementine outside are talking after the dinner, about politics. Then, we see Bonnie (400 Days Protagonist). She needs food and Walter gives her. After that, Clementine goes in. Luke tells her that Matthew was Walt's friend. She goes outside and...

Did you tell the truth?</p>

The poll was created at 01:27 on March 5, 2014, and so far 76 people voted.

After that, Walt asks if Nick's good or no. The wind bla bla will round and round too fast. Causing Luke and Kenny go to the transformer. Clementine fixes the wind bla bla. A herd of walkers comes to them and they get rescued by Carver's group. They capture them and Kenny kills Johnny. Bill kills Walt. Kenny fires to Carver. Bill gets Alvin. 

Did you get Alvin killed?</p>

The poll was created at 01:36 on March 5, 2014, and so far 78 people voted.

After that, he gets Kenny's lover and Kenny surrenders. It is unknown if Luke is still alive.

Episode Score

Development Interesting-ness Story Overall
35/40 30/30 29/30



For the info: Youtuber Silent

Telltale Games

and You!!

Special Voting (EDIT)

You want to get Bonnie killed?

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By who?

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