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  • Ramonce12345

    Hidden Things on The Walking Dead

    Hidden Thing #1

    Is the Terminus Group cannibals?

    by: Ramonce12345

    About TATWD

    TOTWD or Things On The Walking Dead blog series is to give some information about something, review a character, post a poll, or someting that I can do. Please tell me if it is bad, worse, or the worst blog series that you have ever seen on this wiki.

    About Hidden TOTWD We watch, read, and play The Walking Dead, some of the players, viewers, readers saw something hidden about the enemy, protagonist, or someone. I created Hidden TATWD or Hidden Things About The Walking Dead to show you something hidden on about someting or someone(if you didn't notice it). Please tell me if you have noticed these things. 

    Many of us watched "A", but I watch…

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  • Ramonce12345

    -Spoilers Ahead-






    This is Ramonce12345, I'm here to review the Season 4's episode finale, "A". 

    I know all of you guys have watched this episode. I liked it but wait, there's no Carol on this episode. 

    Let's BEGIN the review!

    • English is not my native language so sorry for grammar mistakes.
    • Off-topic is allowed.
    • Swearing or insult to other users is not allowed.
    • Sorry for my too much off-topic.


    We see two groups reunited, Abraham's and Maggie's. They made it to Terminus. We saw the place, which is awesome and Joe's rules is really awesome. Daryl learns all of the rules and we saw Rick is being hunted by Joe's group. That's really scary.


    We have seen Hershel again! This scene contains some remembrance to Rick. Nice…

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  • Ramonce12345

    This blog post is about explanation why Rick is alive. Possible spoilers below who hasn't read it yet.





    After Alexandria Safe-Zone was destroyed, the survivors move out in Hilltop Colony and live in there. Meanwhile, Carson hears that [[[Dwight]] was on Alexandria's side and tell him that he's with him. Negan and other saviors modify their weapons by mucking their bullets/bolts to the walker blood. Negan attacks Hilltop and Carson releases the prisoners, Mark and Amber come with Carson. Kal gets shot by Negan's orders and others start mucking their weapons to the walker blood.

    The question is:

    Did really Dwight muck his bolts?

    (I will show you an image below)

    Thank you f…

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  • Ramonce12345

    This blog post is about a review to the recently released episode "A House Divided". My second review blog post.




    The episode starts in a shed, with the saved character (Pete/Nick). After closing the shed:

    If saved Pete:

    He will not cut off his leg and will stay on the shed.

    If saved Nick:

    Nick finds some whiskeys on the shed and they spend the night on the shed. He will let Clementine go to the cabin.

    After that, Clementine runs to the back of the cabin, seeing Carlos and Rebbeca. They ask for Luke and Alvin, but she tells them that she went to the cabin alone. Carlos and Rebbeca search for Luke and Alvin, and tells Clementine to watch Sarah. After some minutes,  they see some shadows, Sarah though…

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  • Ramonce12345


    This blog is about "Still". This is my first review blog so don't be angry towards me.

    1. I have bad grammar.

    2. I did something wrong.

    Beth and Daryl spends a night to a car while a horde of walkers are coming (and this is the first time to use Anna Turner's handkerchief.) Daryl captures a snake and Beth creates a fire with the glass she got in the car. Then, they eat the snake. Beth swears to Daryl by doing a middle finger insult to him (Reaction Beth fans and Daryl fans?). They go to a golf club and Beth grabs an alcohol. Then, she gets attacked by a walker and she destroys the alcohol. She finds a half-filled alcohol. Then, Daryl and Beth drink a moonshine. Telling the past and the past. They leave the house burning. (with…

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