Many people are changing Clementine's race from "African American" to other races such as Asian American or White. There is a good amount of evidence that she is African American, a few being: 1. Her parents are clearly black. Black+Black =Black. Common genetic rule with very few exceptions. 2. She is constantly, throughout the game, being mistaken for Lee's daughter. Lee is black, so it would make sense why they would mistake her for his daughter. 3. Her hair is black/dark brown, and curly. This isn't much of evidence, but this is fairly common with most African Americans. 4. There are many light-skinned African Americans. You don't need to literally be dark brown to be an African American. Also, making a very dark-skinned African American would not transer well in the lighting of the game, because the game rarely is very bright and is mostly set in shadowy areas.

Just in case anyone misunderstands me, I am not racist. Often when discussing touchy subjects like this one the word "racist" gets flung around and I don't want to be called what I am not. I simply just want to clear the air and for people to stop changing that section of Clementine's page.