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will all out war be contained in 2 volumes?

RYan Odin August 14, 2013 User blog:RYan Odin

So we all know that "all out war" will span over 12 issues.

but what with the volumes?

as I see it they have two options:

1. making volume 20 "extra large" and just include all 12 issues from all out war.

and 2. making volume 20 and 21 contain all out war.

I for one would prefer the secound option because it would look much nicer on a shelf and it wouldnt be an issue for the omnibus edition and the books which feature 2 volumes (dont know what they are called at the moment).

If they do end up being releasing two volumes I think fitting names for them would be 20 all out war and 21 the war contineus.

So which one would you prefer of the two?

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