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what i think what kirkman meant with daryl in the comics

RYan Odin September 19, 2012 User blog:RYan Odin

so after reading the recent issue and not discovering daryl in any human form (little bit disapointed but not to much) i thought of this:

maybe dwights crosbow was the way of introducing daryl to the comics, im not talking about the character only about the crossbow because its the same model and it would fit to kirkmans way of fucking with us sometimes, what i really enjoy :) i understand it at a kind of cameo but when you think about it, a sniper rifle would have worked too for abrahams death surely it wouldnt have been so dramatic but thats not my point ^.^

long story short: i think what kirkman meant with his "daryl in the comics" statement in the interview was jus meant to be a cameo with he got with dwights crossbow :) (would also explain letterhacks in issue 98 after)

just to put an end to al the synopsis and blog posts XD

sorry about grammar and punktuation i know its not the best ^^

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