This is intendet to expand on my last blogpost about Carol and Tyreese´ possible relationship.

Now who would you think could form a relationship in the next season?

Since there was stated that this season is gona focus on charakter development and with the governor out of the picture (at least for now) it wouldnt be too farfetched if a few charakters start hooking up.

My personal theorie is Daryl and MIchonne

Now please just stop typing your hatemail and think about it for a sec. Daryl just lost his brother and Michonne was the last person of the group who interacted and kind off bonded with Merle and I think if one is going to help Daryl recover itd be Michonne. Plus since Carol kinda harbors feelings for Daryl she probably would get real jealous and depressed over it which would be a step closer to her comic counterpart which I would love.

Now please take in consideration that this is just my own theory of what could happen so I would really appreciate it if you wouldnt hate on me k?

So what would be your theories of relationshipd that could occur either in teh time skip or during season 4?

Also englisch isnt my first language so please excuse my lack of grammar, punctuation, and orthography.