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an interesting idea i had

RYan Odin January 27, 2013 User blog:RYan Odin

since we all know that its not very likely for rick to loose his hand in the TV series atleast in my oppinion i came up with something else that might happen to him.

the new promo poster for season 3B says "an eye for an eye" so what i think happens is that rick an michonne and glenn (or someone else) are going to make an counter attack after the first attack on the prison by the governor and are going to be caught like in the comic.

but instead of cutting ricks hand off the governor will stab out ricks eye as punishment for his lost eye

this would obviously make more sense if he does that to michone but since rick is the leader of the group and since only half of ricks face is shown on the promo ithought this might just happen

what do you think?

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