Okay now that season 2 of the Telltalegame is over I can honestly say that it was a great experience.

The game mde a few improvements to the first season but had also a few flaws.

The main flaw for me is the that the story is not consistent enough throughout the season, in season 1 we had a goal "protect the little one, learn how to survive and get her to savanah".

Now in season 2 such a plot element wasnt given it was "just" about survival.

You may call this nitpicking but I had a few Ideas (mainly for episode 4 and a bit of 5 and 3) that would have , in my eye, made the story even better.

Also Id like to point out that Im austrian so my grammar isnt perfect and I apologize in advance for possible mistakes.


*1.) Episodes 1 All that remains and 2 a house divided:

this episodes in my opinion are perfect, high standart, great story, solid gameplay.

*2.) Episode 3 In harms way:

This episode would also stay the same for the most alltough Id like if Nick had a bit more dialogue but the main thing I would change is: the group doesnt get caught at the end and Carver survives.

Carlos would still die and Sarita still gets bitten at the end.

*3.) episode 4 amid the ruins:

This is where I would change the most because this episode (for me) clearls is the worst out of all. its still good but not as good as the others.

First thing: Nick doesnt get shot and survives to see the baby.

Im fine with Sarahs story its a bit strange that you have the option of saving her the first time if she just dies later on but I cant think of anything to do with her either so ya no changes here.

Now the main plot of this episode would be to get distance between the group and howes hardware because as they all now Carver is still after them but at the moment is distracted with the herd.

The majority would play out the same we rescue Luke, Nick and determinantly Sarah together with Jane and bring them back to the group, deal with Kennys loss, go with Mike and Bonnie, Rebecca gets her baby, all the same only with more Nick.

The encounter with Arvo would be scrabbed and at the end we wouldnt meet the russians but instead Carver along with Tavia and the 400 days charakters that went with her in your state.

depending on how many went with Tavia there determinantly would be a few red shirts.

scene at the rest opens with Nick getting shot in the chest and Carver walks with the troop out of the forest saying something like "sorry that it took so long, took a while to clean the mess youd started"

Luke tries to save a dying Nick as everyone points guns at eachother.

Rebecca dies Same cliffhanger ending.

*4) episode 5 no going back:

The episode starts up the same, Luke behind the wall tries still tries to save Nick but realices that its too late and puts Nick down for good under tears then starts to fire too.

The gunfight starts out the same as the one with the russians (rescuing baby Luke gets a bullet in the leg) Instead of Vitali Kenny argues with Carver with similar dialog as the end of the real episode 3.

Tavia gets shot and we get to choose at which of the 400days charakters we shoot (depending on who went with you) all but one you choose to not to shoot at dies.

After only Carver and one 400 days survivor are left they run out of Ammunition, Kenns and Carver have a fist fight and Kenny brutaly beats Carver to death with his bare hands, the 400 days charakter is taken hostage and different dialoge is being spoken as Bonnie and Mike know the hostage from their days at Howes.

Depending on your dialog with them and choices made either Mike or Bonnie can shoot at you, or Kenny runs out screaming and shooting at the robbers (Bonnie Mike and chosen 400 days survivor) nd Clem gets hit by a stray bullet.

After this episode 5 plays ou the same as it did (Luke still dies an the house gets found while trying to reach wellington)

*5) Conclusion:

Now Ive chosen this story for a few reasons:

1. It makes way more sense for Bonnie (determinantly) and Mike to run off with an old friend than a random russian let alone trust him and giving him a gun.

2. The constant threat of Carver and his community would have made a great overall plot (episode 1 we hear of him, episode 2 we get to know him, episode 3 we meet hisn community, episode 4 we try to get away from him, episode 5 we battle him) and episode 4 would have had way more substance.

3.The 400days charakters were used way to little and their potential was totally wasted Id have loved to talk with them, invite them to the fire and llet them share their story and how the live at Howes was.

Now this turned out way longer than intendet sorry about that.

Do you agree with my changes?

Or did I do a shitty job?

have you some Ideas how the story of season 2 could have been better?

Id love to read your awnsers in the comments :).

Peace out.