Allright Today I want to talk about one of my favorite topics in the whole franchise: Ricks right hand

The warning:

  • This will contain spoilers for the Comic series, Tv series and Game of thrones especially season 3
  • English is NOT my first language so I may be gramatically incorrect sometimes

The begining:

To start things of I LOVED the original scen in the comics where the Governor chopped Ricks hand off it came totally out of nothing and I havent seen something quite like this before in any Comic ive read and it just thrilled the crap out of me.

The dissapointment:

When season 3 aka the prison season rolled around I was totally hyped to finally get an adaptation of this scene ,especially in episode 13 arrow on the doorstep (forgive me if I screwed the name or the episode number up) I remember myself being on edge the whole episode like "ohhh its gona happen its gona happen when when when???" but nope.... just talking... meh.

And for those who are screaming "but Ryan_Odin dear mr. sir. that would be far too expensive to shoot they would have to edit his hand out and stuff and thats #Imposssibru".

The "ran out of titles" point:

well thats BULLSHIT!

sorry for this outburst but I recently cought up on game of thrones, which is a great GREAT series and yall should go watch it now, and in season three... omg just watch this:

Jaime Lannister Loses His Hand Jamie Gets His hand cut off! (HD 720p)01:11

Jaime Lannister Loses His Hand Jamie Gets His hand cut off! (HD 720p)

I mean look at this!

they NAILED it!

The guy even looks like the (comic) Governor!

and throughout the season they showed him dealing with this and his hand got edited out quite good not like what they did with Merle in season 3 that was just... not as good.

The Conclusion:

The ones that havent lived under a rock until know may have heard of the show game of thrones and might agree that it ,alltough being really popular, isnt as popular as the walking dead and when a show which is less popular than the walking dead has the budget to edit out a hand I think that mr. Gimple can deal with that too just saying.

The Point:

Now my ACTUAL point is the question if Rick is going to retain his right hand until the end of the Tv series. With game of thrones being from HBO I think AMC could be afraid of it now because the casual Tv watcher may not know the source material and scream "STOOOOLLLEEENNNN!!!!!1111elevenone11!" and thus stop watching (ya apparently people are that dump).

The Question:

So my question now is:

Will Rick Grimes get his hand chopped of before the tv series ends?

It doesnt have to happen in season 5 but I for one would be really happy (G I sound sadistic) if it would happen because thats something thats just missing for me.

Now please feel free to share your oppinion I hope I didnt bore you too death by now and that my casual english skills havent brought you eye-cancer.

Peace out.