So we all know and that the TV-series does not follow its source material very closely which is pretty annoying sometimes for examples killing dale and andrea or introducing the dixons.

But dont get me wrong i like the TV series very much i cried over the deaths and find them dixons pretty interesting.

but what would you say if there was an animated series of the walking dead in the style of the motion comic that follows its source material more closely?

I personally would really like that because as much as i love the TV-series and that it has its own storyline i was really looking forward to the "fear the hunters" arc (which is my favorite in the comic because of andreas development) or the return to hershels farm if you know what i mean.

So what would you think of "the walking dead - the animated series"?

P.S.: i know my grammar and punktuation sucks englisch isnt my first language so please cut me some slack