So now that finally my figures have arrived (yay) and that I have seen no one else doing it I thought Ill write a little review over the 4 new figures we got in the comic series:

1.Rick Grimes: 

  • No right hand
  • pump action shotgun
  • Mashine gun
  • Hatchet
  • Colt with holster

Finally another Rick figure! I myself couldnt get a hold of the one from the first set so I was pretty excited when I heard that a new comic Rick was coming. And it was worth it the Rick figure is the best out of this set (in my oppinion) there are no major flaws, no problems with standing up, its well detailed, and gets a lot of stuff with it. One minor "problem" I have is that he comes with the signature Pistol of his TV series counterpart a colt , which is not really a problem just a bit odd and difficult to fit in his hand. 

Rating: 9/10

2. Andrea Nolastname:

  • Iconic scars
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Knife with sheath
  • Pistol with holster

It was about time that wed get a decent Andrea figure and this one surely is. It has everything youd expect from an Andrea figure and is by far better than the Tv series one. Its also easy to stand up alltough not as easy as the Rick figure I had to fiddle a bit with it to get it in a cool looking pose but there are no Problems with it.

Rating: 9/10

3. Dwight Nolastname:

  • Iconic burned face
  • Crossbow with holder
  • Pistol without holster( >:I)
  • Mashine gun

Okay now The Dwight figure surely looks good but I have encountered a few Problems with it. First its very difficult to get it to stand, its right leg is bent in an odd way so that he looks like Negan has performed his patented "knee-crusher" on him. Now the crossbow looks better than the one that comes with Daryl (series 1) and Dwight even got a holder for it on his backside, but geting it to actually hold the crossbow is another story its basically just a hook where you can hang it in and I guess its better than having nothing at all but its not particulary good either. No holster for his Pistol thats a first and a big minus for me. I allways loved the twd figures for their knifesheaths and pistolholsters as I tend to lose those tiny bits and pieces but with Dwight I have to allways let it in his hand. which brings me to my next big minus Dwights right hand broke of minutes after I got it out of the box. It was nothing that cant be fixed with strong glue but that just sucks. And for some reason theres a random Grey spot on his burned face which looks like it splattered on there while his paints got painted. SO ya this one is weaker compared to the other 3.

Rating: 6/10

4. Punk rock zombie:

  • detachable right arm
  • detachable left hand
  • detachable mohawk
  • Guitar with detachable neck

A truly awesome Zombie figure the best since the "Zombie lurker" from series one. Its very detailed, the most easy figure to stand up (even better than Rick) and the detachable body parts are awesome. tough it comes with its flaws, the mohawk comes of really easy you have to sort of bend it a bit to get it to stay but thats no big deal. If you detach the right arm you can see the joint where it holds on and its not camouflaged at all it basically sticks out and thats preventing me from taking the arm of because it just looks broken without it which is a real shame.

Rating: 7/10

5. Conclussion:

A real awesome set but not without its flaws. To me it seems that the quality of the figures slightly decreased, the paint job still is really really good but not AS good as it was back in series 1 and the joints are a bit flimsier and after what happened to my Dwight figure I will be not as trusting to them as I used to. But besides that I was really pleased with every figure its nice that we have them as Comic figures dont come to often.

6. Personal recomendations:

Rick and Andrea are a must for every comic fan who likes the action figures they are well made look good and theres even a Black and white 2-pack so be sure to get a hold of them.

Punk rock Zombie is a treat for every Zombie-figure fan even if one isnt particulary into the walking dead.

Dwight I would only recommend to "Dwight-fans" If you really want him on your shelf he looks great (If you get him to stand) but be very carefull with him!

Thats it for me I hope you enjoyed this blog and If you couldnt decide which figures to get I hoped I helped you deciding.

Peace out :)

EDIT: for those interested heres a pic of them figures enjoy:

TWD Figuren