So At the very start Id like to say that my idea is pretty unrealistic and it may annoys some people so be warned because I had the Idea of...

a comic to telltale crossover!

yeah it sounds cheap but as most comic fans know there has been a short time skip about one month from volume 11 to volume 12 and alltough its very unlikely TTG could write in a little crossover at this point since the videogame seems to be at a similar point of time as the comic were at that point.

I know this sounds like a pretty cheap fanboy blog but I just wanted to share my Idea and wanted to ask you about your opinion about this how would you feel if you could see Rick Abe Carl Andrea and so on in full telltale glory?

I for one would really enjoy it to see an animates adaption of our survivors for once and it certainly would be interesting to at least have a little cameo of them like let us see them through Clems binoculars or something like that.

So whats your opinion on this folks?