So I finally figured out whats wrong with the charakter Beth!

I think we all agree that her charakter was okay in season 2, just a little Tv extra with a pointless but heartbreaking story.

Now where it all went to hell was the season 2 finale "besides the dying fire" and the problem here is: Patricia got eaten and Beth survived.

It wouldve been so much better if it were the other way round since there was sourcematerial for Patricia (which Mazara surely would have fucked up but hey better then just being a singing box) and thats what Beth lacked when I watch season 3 I have the feeling that they just had no clue what to do with poor blondie.

So ya this has been discussed to death and she kinda got fixed in season 4 or at least got easier to endure but I think thats the major point where the whole "Beth-dilemma" started.

Now would you think It wouldve been better if Patricia survived instead of Beth?

Id love to know!

sorry for grammar and punctuation english is not my first language and as allways id like to appologize yadee yadee yada bing bang boom