Now this is speculation for the most but as far as I remember it season 4 was set with 16 episodes before Gimple took over which obviously makes it more difficult to make a good adaption like seasont one did because there is too much room to fill.

As the title suggest im speculating if the show, now led by mr. Gimple, will stick to the 16 episodes per season or if theyll drop down to 6 episodes again like season one or maybe go in between with 10-12 episodes ?

I for one would approve of shortening the number of episodes per season because it wouldnt feel so dragged out then leaving us with some non memorable or simply bad episodes like "prey" back in season 3 or recently "still".

I think the story of those episodes would have been far better, if they werent individual episodes but instead were comprimised with other episodes to form a season with overall fewer, but more meaningfull episodes if you know what I mean.

I hope you get what im trying to say and Im well aware that my grammar and punctuation... well sucks so theres no need to point it out T_T

So how would you feel if season 5 and onwards had less than 16 episodes?