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September 9, 2012
  • I live in Austria
  • I was born on April 28
  • My occupation is Comic-reviewer
  • I am Male

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  • RYan Odin

    Ryan Reviews: Issue 161

    December 9, 2016 by RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians!

    Well well well.. look whos late again?

    Yup its me and as allways Im sorry, Ive been out of town for a few days because of work and being a functional member of society and that shit and unfortunately that delayed my work on this blog a bit.. which sucks.

    Well but now Im back home and ready to type the best review ever!!

    Which is sadly not possible since Tombo allready reviewed this issue.. but oh well secpnd place is good enough for me so lets go!

    The Hilltop

    Who would have thought.. the hilltop gets destroyed whoa excitement (would be much higher if not for cover 164*cough*).

    The pages are really great and I like that Lydia gets more into the spotlight, but for not being trained in any way (as far as we know) she holds …

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  • RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians!

    Soo is this going to be a theme now? I write a blog and then suddenly a new cover appears just so I can be late for it?

    Jokes aside, Im really pleased by the high frequency of Comic news released at the time, for one it gives us more material to discuss the future of the comics, we get 2 issues in feburary and also I can write more blogs (yay!).

    So lets take a look!

    And here I was thinking that the last cover looked grimm, the issue 49 Vibes are really strong here.

    We see Maggie, Hershel Jr and... Carl? fuck hes really grown up, literally, at first I thought its supposed to be Dante, but th holster at his hip seems to be Carls..damn, looking on what seems to be the conquered alexandria.

    Well.. uhm.. 

    Sorry Im kinda bumme…

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  • RYan Odin

    Ryan Reviews: Cover 163

    November 19, 2016 by RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians!

    After some consideration ( and with the okay from Jaga 321 thx man!) I decided to upload my blog as usual.

    I just want to say that I dont want to monopolyze the "comic review blog" its just a thing I do for fun and if it entertains you it makes me really happy :)

    but I dont want to forbid anyone from doing their own review of the issues and covers, after all I love reading blogs myself and if someone has a different look on things than me thats awesome! 

    Just make sure doesnt get overcrowded by review blogs :P

    Well, with that out of the way, lets look at the new cover!

    Well Fuck...

    Even tough the Whisperer War ends with issue 162, the trend of fantastic covers doesnt seem to do so.

    We see lots of walker arms and Ricks pro…

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  • RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians!

    Told you i'd be back soon, and this time I got something for you, that I had in mind since I started writing blogs, namely:

    Top 5 TV/Comic Series that you will enjoy if you like the walking dead!

    If you haven't guessed it by now, I love discussing TV and comic series, not just our beloved franchise, but in general.

    I have been reading Comics/Manga since I was able to read, and while I have moved on to novels and TV series over time, I will allways love illustrated stories.

    So what brings me to write this blog?

    Well some of the works I'm going to list made me draw comparisson to TWD, either in the "Zombie apokalypse" way or in the more suttle "a grimm journey with a slim amound of success" kinda way.

    Now Im not sure if th…

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  • RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians!

    After a suprisingly great season premiere (not kidding the episode was gret minus the Negan Rick roadtrip) we return to our beloved comic series and wow, cant wait to get started!

    The Savior situation:

    The issue starts with Vincent still being on his way home when he gets picked up by Heath, got to see him has been a long time. So the news has arrived, the saviors are out for trouble, which is pretty unfortunate since Tara is allready on her way to apologize but is too late.

    As Vincent spills the beans, Heath replies " Seems one war may be beginning before another ends" damn that sounds grimm.

    Later Tara catches up with Heath and Vincent and tries to apologize and relief the situation, however bothe Heath and Vincent a…

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