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  • I live in Austria
  • I was born on April 28
  • My occupation is Comic-reviewer
  • I am Male
  • RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians!

    Ryan "allwayslate" Odin is back to take a look at the spoiler issue! Yes the issue which spoiled us all back when issue 161 was the most recent is allready here can you believe it? We had a solid entry into the new arc last time and this one also delivers, Im not excactly sure as to what it delivers.. but hey well figure it out!

    Oh ya Im typing on an old keyboard at the moment, because I busted my laptop, so please excuse my worse than usual spelling! (oh yeah my bad grammar is also due to the keyboard)

    Last time we saw the ocean of walkers invading alexandria in a somewhat nostalgic way, our survivors desperately struggle to lead them into the proper ocean on horseback, while inside the walls everyone tries to just …

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  • RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians!

    Now here it is, the issue we all have been waiting for.

    To be upfront: the cover is truly symbolic so no big death coming up. But its a pretty good read anyways.

    Oh ya also Im trying out a new format... AGAIN! Ya I still have to find a good style, without boring you to death by basically reciting the whole iisue haha.

    So I hope you like this format, lets see how much we really are conquered:

    After the whisperer war we left our survivors with a pretty terryfying problem, the ocean of walkers that is approaching.

    Euegen is still Tired and exhausted as hell and Rick had no time to prepare for it at all.

    The whisperers are out of the picture for now, however the saviors are lurking in the shadows as thousands of walkers appro…

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  • RYan Odin

    Ryan reviews: Cover 166

    January 27, 2017 by RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians!

    Im a little late again on this one, but to be honest there is not much to talk about this one, but lets take a look anyways.

    'Well this one is quite straight forward: Dwight punching John from the saviors in the face.

    The colours are really nice on this one, Dwight and John are painted with colder colors and with a touch of blue, while the background shows the orange sky of a setting or rising sun.

    The orange also neatly undermines that this is a violent conflict tough I dont know f thats intentional or not.

    Speaking if the background, there are two people laying there who seem to be fallen members of either the saviors or the militia.

    TWO bodies wow thats allready more casualties than the whisperers atack on the hillto…

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  • RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians!

    After the spoiled disaster that was last months issue, we come back to see.. I dont know what to be honest this issue surely was interesting to say the least, so lets jump right into it!


    Allright the Negan part in this issue was really good, at first I found it really dumb that he buries the bat, but his monologue about it is really good. Also I love the line "I'm sorry I named a stupid fucking basbeall bat after you." thats brilliant! Im really looking forward to how his story develops because as of now I really dig it.

    The Kingdom and the Hilltop:

    William and his crew discover that the hilltop is destroyed, and as spoiled by cover 164 Maggie reveals that they are going to venure to Alexandria, nothing new or s…

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  • RYan Odin

    Greetings, merry christmas and happy holidays fellow wikians!

    After the Finale of season 7A, which was quite good tbh, we come back to he comics with not one, but two new covers to look at and at least one of them is great!

    "When Alexandria s at its weakest they strike!"

    Oh boy looks like the saviors are going to attack earlier than expected.

    Really didnt think that that plot threat would come so fast, dont know if thats a good or a bad thing, but the cover definately looks good!

    The blue sky contrasting the red blood on the floor with the saviors in shadow really make a great image and Heaths scared face rounds the whoe thing up pretty well.

    Overall great cover, doesnt give too much away but gets you excidet for whats to come!

    Certainly better t…

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