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  • I live in Austria
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  • My occupation is Comic-reviewer
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  • RYan Odin

    RyanReviews: Cover 162

    October 19, 2016 by RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians!

    After still not delivering the promised blog (ya I suck...) Im at least on time to talk about the new cover, this wont be a very exciting blog, since I cant speculate much on future issues because the plot s so unique at the moment, but I hope you have fun reading this anyways :)

    Oh boy and here it is: the Andrea Cover.

    I may sound dissapointed, but this is actually a pretty great cover, its no secret that Im not that fon f Andrea at the moment, but this cover really gives her credit, I sure hope that she becomes somewhat more like her old self in the future.

    On the bottom we have a generic whisperer, which ma look dissapointing but gives us a little room to speculate.

    Also we can see a whisperer getting shot, foreshad…

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  • RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians!

    Ya, I know, Im late again but this time its not my fault, the app that Im using to read the comic didnt put the new issue out until like 11 PM and thats too late to be productive!

    But now that Ive finally read the issue, I hope youre pretty hyped for it because I sure am.

    The War contineus:

    The issue starts off right where the last one left us hanging, Negan and Beta are brawling it out. They seem to be pretty well matched in terms of Power, as both of them get a pretty good beating, until Dwight calls out the Negan and damn, look at that grin, Negan knows excactly what Dwight is up to. In a huge twist Dwight actuall saves Negans ass by tossing him Lucille over, something I really didnt expect to happen.

    Negan catches …

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  • RYan Odin

    RyanReviews: Issue 161 Cover

    September 28, 2016 by RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians!

    Damn the wiki is pretty quiet these days, I didnt even realize that Fear is back on air, which admitadly is partially due to me not caring about it at all, but anyway.

    Sorra that this blog is kinda late, Ive been migrating from job to job in the past year and finally found one in which I can stay and that in terms has been cutting on my freetime..

    I'd also like to apologize for not delivering "Ryan Remembers: Father Gabriel Stoakes" at the moment it's completely in my head but I simply had no time to write it..

    BUT now that Im up and running, I will be able to produce more blogs again in the future, hooray for me!

    So with all that out of the way, lets focus on what we are here for:

    'Allright so after last months cover, …

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  • RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians!

    Damn has it really been only two weeks since my last blog? feels much longer to me. Well anyway, I got a little announcement to make before we start, I will be trying out a new format for my issue reviews: nuntil now I have been looking at events in the order in which they are presented to us in the comics, but now I will try to summarice every event into one paragraph. It' a little experiment and you can vote at the end which format you prefer!

    Also I'm still abroad and have to type this on a mobile device so sorry if my Grammar and/or spelling are worse than usual.

    But enough of that lets look at:

    Gabriels death:

    The issue starts right where it left off, with Gabriel being on the water tower, now desperately trying t…

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  • RYan Odin

    Greetings fellow wikians!

    Finally the new cover is out, seems like it's been ages, but maybe I'm just that impatient because I cant wait to talk about the variants haha.

    But before we start I have a quick announcement: I'm currently working away from home so I have to write this Blog on a mobile device, so please excuse If the quality is not up to the standarts you're used to (sorry guys!)

    But well, I just gona have to try extra hard to e entertaining now, so let

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