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Walking Dead Game Ep 1 Decisions

RWfan October 20, 2012 User blog:RWfan

So what choices did you guys make?

Looked For Help Or Waited?

  • Looked For Help
  • Waited Until Dark

Told Shawn you were Clementine's...

  • Neighbor
  • "Just A Guy"
  • Babysitter
  • Stayed Silent

Told the Truth Or Lied to Hershel?

  • Told the Truth
  • Lied

Save Shawn or Duck?

  • Saved Duck
  • Saved Shawn
  • Saved Neither

Side With Kenny or Larry?

  • Sided With Larry
  • Sided With Kenny

"Do You Know That Guy?"

  • He Might Work At The Drugstore
  • He Has A Familiar Face
  • It's Just Sad

Questions About Your Past

  • "No One Knows"
  • "Who Cares?
  • "What's It To You"

Give Irene the Gun?

  • Refused
  • Gave Her The Gun

Clementine's Parents

  • "They'll Find Us"
  • "I Don't Think They'll Find Us"

Save Doug or Carley?

  • Save Carley
  • Save Doug

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