Season 4 Episode 12: Still

After being left a little dissappointed with the episode last week, I was hoping that this week’s was going to be a big improvement. And I wasn’t let down. This episode was without doubt my favourite so far. Before I begin, I’d like to address the amount of hate this episode has recieved. From the moment it was announced this was a Daryl & Beth only episode, I instantly knew two things. 1 – I was going to love it. 2 – This is going to get so much hate. I was right on both. Not everyone is a fan of Daryl, and Beth gets a lot of hate from people. Plus, neither of these are in the comics, so the comic die hards were not going to really like it. But being that Daryl & Beth are my favourite characters (along with Rick & Michonne), I thought this episode was really awesome.

The episode begun with Daryl and Beth hiding in the boot of a car from walkers, and once they passed, the exited and continued up the road. Whilst we see Daryl out hunting, Beth was making a fire. And then of course, Daryl killed the snake, and cooked it. Beth then decides that she wants alcohol. And that her dad (Hershel) would never let her try any. Daryl is in his own world, so Beth just gets up and leaves. She runs into a load of walkers and throws a rock to distract them. As she turns around, Daryl startles her. After a little disagreement, Beth then sticks her middle finger up at Daryl. She then tells Daryl she can take care of herself. On their quest to find alcohol, they stumble across a golf course, and enter the golf club. Inside are loads of hanging walkers (not nice) and whilst Beth is off looking for alcohol, Daryl finds a load of cash. I was thinking Daryl, there is no need for money anymore! Then finally, Beth finds an unopened bottle of alcohol! But before she gets to try it for the first time, a walker attacks her. She smashes the walker across the head with the bottle several times, then stabs it in the head. Its official, Beth is a *! Beth turns to Daryl who is watching, and sarcastically says “Thanks for the help”. Daryl then reminds Beth of what she said earlier, that she can take care of herself.

Further into the club, Beth finds a load of new clean clothes and puts one on. Meanwhile a very angry Daryl begins to use a golf club to kill the walkers! I thought this was really really cool. I’ve always thought that if the apocalypse is to happen, my weapon of choice will be a golf club (at least until I find a crossbow!). Beth then finds another bottle of alcohol! But before she takes a sip, she breaks down into tears. Daryl smashes the bottle on the floor, and tells her that her first drink will be something better. They then arrive at a rundown shack that Daryl tells Beth that he and Michonne visited before. Inside, is a crate of moonshine! And from here, Beth finally tries alcohol for the first time! I thought this whole quest was really cool and fun, and was some really good character development for both of them. Beth then convinces Daryl to play the “I Never” game (reminded me of Sawyer & Kate in Lost!). However, a drunk Daryl is a very angry Daryl!

Daryl is furious that Beth thought he was in jail before the apocalypse happened, and forcefully pulls Beth outside and tells her that he will teach her how to use a crossbow. Beth refuses, and instead kills the walker with her knife. Now, for one of the best scenes EVER. The argument between Daryl & Beth was so emotional and I thought the acting from both Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney was amazing. Daryl starts hurling insults out to Beth, calling her “dumb” and tells her “at least I didn’t cut my wrists for attention”. (Wow that was harsh!). Beth thens tells Daryl that he doesn’t care about anyone, and that he doesn’t get why she’s survived all this time, and she compares herself to not being strong like Michonne, Carol and Maggie. Daryl then emotionally breaks down and says he feels responsible for Hershel’s death, and that he could have taken a shot at The Governor but didn’t. After some tears, Beth then hugs Daryl. An amazing scene with the argument, and was so emotional.

Later in the night, they share stories of their family before the apocalypse, and Daryl finally reveals what he did before all of it – Nothing but follow Merle around! Beth tells Daryl that although she will die (don’t say that Beth), he will be the last man standing, and he will be the sole survivor. Beth then tells Daryl that they should burn the house down – which they proceed to do! They pour moonshine all over the house, and Daryl sets fire to the money he found (signifying that money really has no importance in the world they are in now!) and together they throw the burning money at the house, and the house sets a light. Then the coolest scene ever, when Beth turns to the house and sticks her middle finger up, and persuades Daryl to do the same. Together, they turn, and head back into the woods, and the episode ends!

Anyway, this episode was great. I can’t find anymore superlatives for it. I loved it. The character development was so great, and thought this had the best acting in the series that doesn’t include Andrew Lincoln (Rick). Loved the ending as well. The final scene was brilliant! Great episode this week.

Rating: 9/10