Season 4 Episode 11: Claimed

In my opinion, it wasn't as good as the two previous episodes.

We of course had around 3 main storylines. Michonne & Carl leave Rick to go on a supply run. I really liked the scenes where Michonne was trying to cheer Carl up, it was a really sweet side of Michonne that we haven't seen many times before. I found the scene where she finds the family that all commited suicide quite upsetting, the way they were dressed, and lined up like that. One of the most emotional scenes I can remember on this show. Didn't really see much else from these two, Michonne was revealing pieces from her past to Carl in a game like manner, I thought that was really cool as well.

Then of course, we had the stand out of this episode. In my opinion, Rick completely stole the show. That was one of the, if not the scariest scene from this show so far when he was hiding under the bed from the bandits. It was so scary. I never expect Rick to be killed off, but it was still really really tense. All in all he did well, he strangled one of them, stole his gun, and then escaped out of the roof. Rick at his best! So yeah, this was my favourite part of the episode.

Then the other storyline was our three new companions, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene, along with Glenn and Tara. I liked Glenn's determination to find Maggie in this episode, with Tara though, I was just like "Why are you still here?". I don't mean to give hate to characters, but I find her boring. From our three new companions, everyone's been talking about how hot Rosita is. Apart from standing there showing off her legs, that is all she pretty much did that episode. Of course she found the photo of Maggie and wanted to help Glenn, which I guess was nice of her. Eugene was very mysterious at first, but the funniest scene of the episode was when he was trying to gun down the walkers, it was hilarious. And of course he destroyed their vehicle by accident etc. giving them no choice but to help Glenn. "Remember, I'm smarter than you". And lastly of course there was Abraham, who there is very mixed opinions of. I thought he was alright. Michael Cudlitz is a great actor, so I can see Abraham becoming a great character. I really liked it when Glenn knocked on the glass and said "HEY, STOP", and Abraham just casually stuck his middle finger up at him. However, I had a huge problem with these three new characters. They looked too much like they were straight from a comic book. I hope they tone them down. I won't be too harsh on them until we see them again.

So yeah, there's my thoughts on the episode. I don't think it was as good as the previous two, but it was still a good episode, with Rick stealing the show in my opinion with the most tense scene of the show so far.

Rating: 7.5/10