S4: E10: Inmates

I thought this was a fantastic episode I really liked the beginning where Beth is reading out her diary extract of how they can live at the prison forever, whilst her and Daryl are running for their lives after the prison of course fell. These two were my most anticapated duo, and I thought they were great, although weren't shown for very long. Daryl seems to be very "F**k it" whereas Beth was very optmistic and wanted to go searching for everyone. I really felt sorry for her when Daryl brought up Hershel though. But you could see he felt bad as soon as he said it. Never would have thought I'd ever see Daryl hold down a zombie whilst Beth stabs it in the head!
The highlight of this episode was of course Tyreese and his Woodland Day Care. This episode alone has now made him one of my favourites. Firstly, we see that it is him who saved baby Judith, of all people! Not only that, but he also has the two sisters, Lizzie & Mika with him. One thing I never would have thought Tyreese would say is "Lizzie, can you get me a diaper" . I was then in tears when Mika got scared and Tyreese was like "Ouch, don't pinch me Mika!" Truly the funniest scene from The Walking Dead to date. Then just before we all think Lizzie is going to kill the baby (she really is scary, the next villian won't know what they're in for), we were met by the highly anticipated return of the * Carol. Was great to see her again, although I think we all knew she was going to be meeting up with her trained mini army fairly soon!
Those two stories were my favourite, but these last two were great as well. Maggie, Sasha & Bob found the bus and everyone inside had turned, so of course Maggie thinks Glenn is dead. However she clears out the bus, and to her relief, he isn't in there, meaning he must surely be alive. Anyone else think Bob was so weird? I really like his character, he's so strange. One of the most interesting characters. So many places they could go with this character. Sasha of course though, is still annoying.
Then the final story of the episode, features Glenn. Whilst we find out he's still alive, he runs into Tara, who is bearing a ton of guilt after being part of The Governor's gang. Glenn tells her to help him find Maggie. Tara's decent enough though, if she knew what The Governor was going to do to Hershel I don't think she would have joined in on the assualt (although to be fair she didn't really fight anyway after Daryl wiped out half their army). Then, whilst Glenn and Tara are on the run, Glenn collapses, and that is when we meet our three new characters to the show!
I thought this was an amazing episode, one of my favourites so far. The highlight was certainly Tyreese, who stole the show this week. I've always found Glenn and Maggie quite boring together, so its good to see them apart, needing to find each other, and overall a good story for their relationship.

RATING: 9/10