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    SE 12: Still Review

    March 9, 2014 by RFC TWD

    Season 4 Episode 12: Still

    After being left a little dissappointed with the episode last week, I was hoping that this week’s was going to be a big improvement. And I wasn’t let down. This episode was without doubt my favourite so far. Before I begin, I’d like to address the amount of hate this episode has recieved. From the moment it was announced this was a Daryl & Beth only episode, I instantly knew two things. 1 – I was going to love it. 2 – This is going to get so much hate. I was right on both. Not everyone is a fan of Daryl, and Beth gets a lot of hate from people. Plus, neither of these are in the comics, so the comic die hards were not going to really like it. But being that Daryl & Beth are my favourite characters (along with Rick …

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    S4 E11: Claimed Review

    March 9, 2014 by RFC TWD

    Season 4 Episode 11: Claimed

    In my opinion, it wasn't as good as the two previous episodes.

    We of course had around 3 main storylines. Michonne & Carl leave Rick to go on a supply run. I really liked the scenes where Michonne was trying to cheer Carl up, it was a really sweet side of Michonne that we haven't seen many times before. I found the scene where she finds the family that all commited suicide quite upsetting, the way they were dressed, and lined up like that. One of the most emotional scenes I can remember on this show. Didn't really see much else from these two, Michonne was revealing pieces from her past to Carl in a game like manner, I thought that was really cool as well.

    Then of course, we had the stand out of this episode. In m…

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    S4 E10: Inmates Review

    March 9, 2014 by RFC TWD

    S4: E10: Inmates

    I thought this was a fantastic episode I really liked the beginning where Beth is reading out her diary extract of how they can live at the prison forever, whilst her and Daryl are running for their lives after the prison of course fell. These two were my most anticapated duo, and I thought they were great, although weren't shown for very long. Daryl seems to be very "F**k it" whereas Beth was very optmistic and wanted to go searching for everyone. I really felt sorry for her when Daryl brought up Hershel though. But you could see he felt bad as soon as he said it. Never would have thought I'd ever see Daryl hold down a zombie whilst Beth stabs it in the head!
    The highlight of this episode was of course Tyreese and his Woodl…

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