Zombie Rage


i´m writing my own zombie Survival Series it will be 10 seasons The characters are 18 to 19 years old that were used to a normal live until the zombie apocalypse began

the characters begin unprepeared for the apocalypse but realize that to survive they had to become stronger and that they have to fight

The characters in the novel are:

  • Juan Cardona
  • Alexandra Quintero
  • Owen Mackenzie
  • Andrea Vazquez
  • Luis Garcias
  • Alejandra Vallarino
  • Gabriel Sandrea
  • Karen Blake
  • Katherine Gonzales
  • Valery Muños
  • Derek Connors
  • Dylan Vickson
  • Carla Ferguson
  • Francisco Pereira
  • Danny Alessandro
  • Megan Ocampo
  • Billy Ocampo
  • Yumico Miyamoto
  • Michelle Rodriguez
  • Tennese Douglas

This Novel is a convination between HOTD, The Walking Dead and Left 4 Dead because the zombies are infected that walk slow NOT CORPSES like the zombies of The Walking Dead and the zombies of my novel mutate SOMETIMES like zombie dogs, zombie tigers, zombie crows.

By every season that ends the characters get stonger and more adapted to the world in which they are living, that no one is really safe and to the fact they are all infected with the airborn zombie virus.

The story takes place in Panama City a country that is in Latino America.