What would I do first

if the zombie apocalypse begins in my school I will kill all my teachers jejeje

then go to a room where there is an axx for fire emergencies a machete, a metal bat, needles which I can attach to the bat, various hard metal broomsticks who my friends and me can use to kill the zombies surrounding the area

What would I do after escaping the school

me and my friends would go to the armery to get guns and everything we need then divide in little groups to go to the houses of my friends who have guns and get them and put them in the bag of guns

Then go to my friends mansion and use it as a temporary refuge

Then leave the city and look for a farm area (which i´m not taking from the walking dead) because in farmas their will be guns, survivors, food and supplies we can use

which type of places to AVOID at all cost

wooded area wide open camps like the survivors camp in the walking dead, PRISONS like the one from the walking dead, huge crystal window buildings, SCHOOLS me because I rather get dismembered by a mutated zombie or shoot my self in the head before putting a feet in my school in middle of the apocalypse

Which places to go

the beach to get rescued and before you people start telling me to remember what happened to the survivors of Resident Evil after they got to the "rescue Ship" it was all a trap THAT WAS A FREAKING MOVIE that ain´t gonna happen even if their was the zombie apocalypse