Hey guys,tell me what you think of this character I created.

I'm quite pleased with this but I would like to know what you think.

Name: Nick Mills

Age: 37


Profession: Police Officer

Skills:Experienced in hand to hand combat and a skilled marksman

Weapons:357 Python,Horton® Scout HD™ 125 crossbow,Military Knife.

Group: Woodbury

Relations:Brian Mills (Farther, Deceased)

Helen Mills (Mother, Deceased)

Andrew Mills (Brother, Unknown)

Bio: Nick's farther lead a life of crime and was arrested for murder,he later died in prison. Nick's Mother looked after Nick as best as she could.

After Nick's farther died when Nick was 23,she just could not handle life on her own and turned to alcohol for company,she later died,alone.

Andrew,Nick's brother,lead a life of crime like his farther.He and Nick were always close even though they lead completely different lives.

His fate is currently unknown as he was on the run for running down a man outside a night club in Atlanta whistle under the influence of alcohol.