Hey, guys it's Pwningwalkers here. I was thinking, in the Season 2 premiere there was supposed to be the return of the Vatos, or rather the return of the Vato's very well protected nursing home. So I was going to write a script of what I thought might be something like the premiere of Season 2 that they cut out so here goes nothing. And I am going soully of what I saw in the trailer so please don't be too harsh about it.

[The group just leaves the C.D.C. after the explosion.]

Sophia: Mommy, where is Jacqui?

Carol: Umm. Sophia, Jacqui was scared and she umm she...

Lori: She wanted to stay with the doctor, because she didn't want him to be all alone.

Sophia: But the place blew up. Did they kill themselves?

[Cue theme song]

[The group is stopped at the side of the road. Dale and Gleen are trying to fix the RV and Rick, Shane, and Daryl are talking about what they should do.]

Shane: I still say we head to Fort Benning. They will have supplies, protection, and we might actually get some real sleep there. [T-Dog over hears them and comes over to talk with them.]

T-Dog: We trying to figure out where to go next? I say we head to the coast. That is the safest place we could go right, now.

Rick: We should try and find a place to lie low for a day or two. And maybe while we're there we can figure this whole mess out.

Shane: Where would we go, Rick, that city is crawling with walkers.

Daryl: Wait, remember the guys that tried to steal the bag ah guns we had. They had a nice place we could hole up in for a few days.

Rick: Ya, Guillermo's place would be great. And it's safe.

Glenn: Oh, yeah. Had some good times in there.

T-Dog: We got you out, didn't we.

Gleen:Ya, i guess so.


[The group is starting to mobilize to head back into the city to find the Vato's place.]

Rick: OK, Dale we ready to go?

Dale: I don't think we could go very far. This radiator hose is more tape than hose now. We really needed that hose from the van.

Rick: Well, maybe we will find a new hose at the nursing home, and they will let us take it.

[The group gets into their cars and heads into the city, avoiding as many walkers as possible.]

Carl: Mom, where are we going?

Lori: We are going to a friend of dad's, ok. We are going to be safe there.

Carl: How do you know that? You never know that. The city has alot of the monsters walking around. What if the place we are going to has a whole bunch of them?

Lori: Carl, it's going to be fine we have all of these people to protect us.

Carl: OK.

[Commercial and let me know what you think so far.]

[The group jumps out about a mile away from the Vato's place. Rick, Shane, and T-Dog are loading their guns, Daryl is putting his arrows back into the holster, and Dale is teaching Glenn some stuff on how to work on his RV. Lori, Andrea, and Carol are all sitting in a group talking about what they should do.]

Rick: OK, guys we are going to head up there, now. We are about a mile away so we dont attract any attention to the safehouse.

Glenn: What if we get there and they arent there. What if they got the buses running, and got everyone out of there. What if they got attacked by a whole bunch of walkers, or humans.

Daryl: Come on man. They got a whole bunch ah guys with a whole bunch ah guns. And they are pretty damn organized. They'll be alright.

Shane: We should take our precautions though. We don't know what we could find on the inside of that place.

[The group is about one-hundred feet away from the nursing home when they see a walker. Shane goes over and bashes it in the head with the butt of his gun.]

Shane: Come on guys. I thought this place was safe. They have the rifle you gave them, don't they? That thing has a pretty long range.

Rick: Maybe they are changing shifts.

Shane: Let's just keep heading forward to this place.

[The group heads up to the nursing home, guns loaded. They get to about a yard away from the nursing home, and they see a walker in the court yard. Commercial]