The Walking Dead: The Survivors – Part Three

[Liam and DeMarcus go over to the door and look through the small peephole on the door. Across the hall, they see a small group of zombies trying to break down the door of another dorm room. Then they hear a snapping sound. They look out the peephole once more. Then they hear a woman screaming for help.]

Liam: We have to go help her!!!

DeMarcus: NO!!! She is long gone by now. Those things already broke down her door not much longer until they come for us.

Gloria: Beth, I thought you said this place was safe.

Beth: It was. The guards must have been overrun, or something. Wait, I know a place where we could be safe. My family owns a farm a couple miles away from here. If we could get a car and drive there we could be safe for a while.

Arnold: Well, it’s no time to argue. Let’s just try and find a way out without getting eaten alive by those zombie things out there.

Liam: [He checks outside the door and sees that all the zombies were inside the room across the hall.]We could probably just run out of here. All the zombies in the hall are over in the other room.

Samantha: OK, let’s get out of here. [The group heads out of the door DeMarcus going first and Liam the last. They all start moving towards the stairs when Lilly gets attacked by a zombie in one of the rooms. She struggles and tries to get out of its grip. When Liam stabs it in the head with a knife he had. Samantha and Liam help Lilly up before they get overwhelmed with the zombies that are chasing them from all the other rooms in the hall.]

DeMarcus: Arnold, take the lead. I’m going to try and take out the ones closest to us. [He fires three shots one hitting a zombie right in the eye. Another bullet hitting the one that tried to kill Lilly. The last bullet hit the wall behind the zombies.] Damn, I wish my dad taught me a little bit more about shooting. I’m a terrible shot.

Liam: At least you got a couple off our backs. [The group runs to Gloria’s car, trying to avoid the zombies in the parking lot. Soon they are on the road, Beth driving, trying to get to her father’s farm.]

DeMarcus: So, Beth, how did you and Gloria meet?

Beth: Well, I had a friend that was a roommate with Gloria in college. So, I got up there about a day ago trying to see if all my friends in the college were alright. I got up to Gloria’s room, and I saw that Angelica wasn’t there. Gloria said that she was bitten and turned. I had to stay because the halls were flooded with those things.

Samantha: I’m sorry Beth.

Arnold: Lilly, are you ok you look a little shaken.

Lilly: Well what would you expect? I was almost turned into supper for that monster.

Liam: I’m sorry Lilly that shouldn’t have happened to you. [Lilly looks at Liam with a smile and then looked away.]

Beth: We are almost there. It’s just a few more miles up the road. [The group arrives at a farm with a mailbox labeled Greene. When the group looks out the windows they see cows and a big house with a barn to the side of it.]

Samantha: This place is beautiful, Beth. Is your family still here?

Beth: I don’t know I haven’t been here for a few days. I’ll check. [Beth goes up to the door and the group sits on the porch, staring off into the woods surrounding the farmland. Suddenly, a man in his 60’s walked out the door and hugged Beth.]

Hershel: Beth, I thought I would never see you again. Everyone get out here Beth and few of her friends are back. [The rest of the Greene family and neighbors walked out onto the porch hugging and welcoming Beth back to their home. We cut to the living room of the Greene home, where everyone is telling their story.]

Liam: Well that is our story.

Hershel: So you are telling me you killed those innocent people?

Liam: They aren’t people anymore, Hershel. They are monsters who want to eat us. We just do what we do to protect ourselves we don’t do it because we enjoy it.

Hershel: Well, you are welcome to stay here for a week or so.

The whole group: Thank you so much, Hershel.

Liam: We will help you around the farm to if you need it.

Hershel: Thank you, Liam. I could use some help now that all we have is Otis and I.

Beth: Jimmy could have helped you. [She starts sobbing and mumbling something about the death of her boyfriend.]

Maggie: It’s ok Beth. He is in a better place now. [Maggie tries to comfort her, but it was no use.]

DeMarcus: [We cut to the room where Gloria and DeMarcus are staying.] Hey, sis. We might actually get some sleep tonight instead of sleeping with a gun in our hands.

Gloria: Yeah, I guess so, but aren’t you afraid I mean we can’t be safe here forever.

DeMarcus: We could fortify this place and make it easier to defend, and we should probably try and learn how to shoot a gun a little better.

Gloria: Good idea, but for right now let’s get some sleep. To Be Continued….