The Walking Dead: The Survivors – Part Four

[DeMarcus is just starting to wake up and he sees Beth and Gloria are already up and talking. DeMarcus gets up and goes to talk to Hershel. He gets down to the kitchen where Hershel and Maggie are talking about whether DeMarcus and his friends should stay.]

Maggie: Dad, we don’t know if they are dangerous.

Hershel: Maggie, they have offered to help us. They are not dangerous. You just need to trust me.

Maggie: OK, but if they do one thing that will hurt Beth I will....

DeMarcus: Hey, Hershel. Can I talk to you?

Hershel: Yes, of course. [Maggie leaves the room angrily.]

DeMarcus: When would you want me and my friends to start our work around the farm?

Hershel: Your friend, Liam, has already started moving bales of hay into the barn. You could go and help him.

Annette: Hello, my name is Annette and this is my son, Shawn. I’m sorry I couldn’t meet you yesterday, but Shawn and I were busy working.

DeMarcus: Oh, that is no problem. My name is DeMarcus. I’m sure we will get acquainted over the next few days.

Shawn: Dad, do you want me to show them where to start their work.

Hershel: Yes, thank you Shawn. [We cut to the barn where Liam just loaded another bale of hay.]

Liam: Hey, guys. Man this hay is really heavy stuff.

Shawn: Yeah, it’s better than going to a gym. [They all share a laugh.]

DeMarcus: This place is really nice. How to you keep it this nice.

Shawn: A lot of back-breaking work.

Liam: Well, you won’t have to do as much work, anymore. We will help as much as we can.

Shawn: Thanks. Hey, when you guys are done here you want to join me on a run into town?

DeMarcus: Sure, I’ll just have to get my bag and I will go. Are you coming Liam?

Liam: Yeah, I will once I get this finished.

Shawn: OK, I will be inside getting all the stuff we need and then I will get the horses ready to go.

[We cut to the barn where they keep the horses. Liam and DeMarcus enter the barn.]

Liam: Hey, Shawn you ready to go?

Shawn: Just need to saddle up this horse and then we can leave. Does my dad know you’re coming?

Liam: No, I’ll go tell him. [Liam opens the front door of the house and yells into Hershel.]Hey, Hershel DeMarcus and I are going to make a run into town with Shawn.

Hershel: OK. Tell Shawn to be back before sundown.

Liam: You got it. [He gets back to the barn.] Shawn you dad wanted me to tell you to be back before sundown.

Shawn: Yeah, I know. It gets scary out there after dark. [They are on their horses heading into town when they see a couple of zombies walking toward them.]

DeMarcus: Should we kill ‘em?

Shawn: No, they aren’t hurting us.

DeMarcus: They will soon if we don’t kill them now.

Shawn: NO! We are NOT killing them.

DeMarcus: OK. Sorry, man. I was just saying. [They arrive at town and head into the pharmacy.]

Liam: We need to be careful. We don’t know how many of those things are in there.

Shawn: Those “things” were my friends, family, and neighbors. They won’t hurt us if they are in there. [He walks into the pharmacy.]

DeMarcus: Dude, these people are nuts. They think those things won’t hurt them. They think they are still people.

Liam: I know it’s a little crazy, but they are letting us stay at their house. The least we could do is respect what they think. [DeMarcus and Liam join Shawn in the pharmacy.]

DeMarcus: So, what are we looking for?

Shawn: Medicine so if anyone gets hurt my dad can help them.

DeMarcus: So we need what kind of medicine.

Shawn: My dad wrote a list down. [Shawn hands the list to DeMarcus who looks over it.]

DeMarcus: OK, Liam come over here and help me grab some stuff. Shawn, do you want to get the stuff from behind the counter?

Shawn: Yeah, sure. [They are all looking through medicine when they hear Shawn screaming. They look over and see that he is getting attacked by a zombie.] AHHHH!!! GET IT OFF OF ME!!!

Liam: DeMarcus, get your knife out!!!

DeMarcus: OK!!! [He gets his knife out and stabs the thing in the head, but by then Shawn was passed out and had fallen on the floor.]

Liam: We need to get him out of here and bring him back to the farm. [Liam and DeMarcus are riding their horses with Shawn’s horses’ rope tied to Liam’s saddle.] That was way to close back there.

DeMarcus: I’m agreeing with you 100% on that one.

Shawn: [Shawn finally wakes up.] Guys, what happened?

Liam: You were attacked by one of your “friends”.

Shawn: No one tells my dad, ok? [DeMarcus and Liam both nod.]To Be Continued....