The Walking Dead: The Survivors – Part Two

[DeMarcus and Liam start running away from the monsters chasing them. They slam the door, trying to protect their friends from the group of undead freaks chasing after them.]

Liam: We need to lead them away right now!!

DeMarcus: Wait. Remember the guns you told me to get from my house they are in my bag. [DeMarcus reaches into his bag, grabbing his .22 revolver, fully loaded.]

Liam: That is perfect. I’m glad you’re dad showed us some of his training from the army base.

[DeMarcus fires one shot from his revolver and hits the wall behind the pack of the monsters. He fires the next one and hits one of them in the head. It falls down and one of them trips over its dead body. It falls down and hits its head hits the sidewalk and its brains spill out on the ground.]

Liam: Next shot. Hope you can hit some more like that.

DeMarcus: Yeah, you and me both. [He fires two more shots, hitting two in the head.]

Liam: OK, we need to get back to my house so we can be a little safer.

[DeMarcus and Liam open the door and go into the living room where everyone discusses what they should do next.]

Arnold: Well, I think we should head to the coast.

Lilly: No, the reporter on the news said to head to the cities so that’s what we should do.

DeMarcus: I’ll go pretty much anywhere as long as we go and check on my big sister in here college.

Liam: OK. So we will head over to the college and then we will figure out where we are going to go. But first we are going to pack up all the food that won’t go bad and all the knives and guns and ammo we can.

[The group of kids is seen in the hall where DeMarcus sister, Gloria, lived. DeMarcus knocks on the door.]

Liam: Hey, come on we walked a long way and ran away from too many of those things to be turned away right now.

Gloria: Are any of you infected?

DeMarcus: No, sis it’s me.

Gloria: DEMARCUS!!!!![DeMarcus and Gloria talk for hours about there family. Then we hear banging on the door and moans.]To Be Continued......