The Walking Dead: The Survivors

[The story starts with DeMarcus, one of our main characters, pasted out on his neighbor’s front yards after having too many shots at the party he went to last night. When his phone rings he wakes up, revealing that his friend, Liam, another one of our survivors, is calling.]

DeMarcus: Hey, dude. What’s up?

Liam: DeMarcus, you got to get over here right now. Stuff is happening over here. And pack up some food, clothes, and the guns and ammo that we shot at the range a couple days ago.

DeMarcus: [A scream and a shotgun blast is heard.]LIAM, WHAT WAS THAT SCREAMING AND GUN SHOTS!!!!!!!!!![The phone goes dead and a dead tone is heard.]

[The next scene opens on Liam’s neighborhood with DeMarcus biking up Liam’s driveway.]

DeMarcus: Hey, Liam, open the door man!!

Liam: Hey, man, come on in and hurry.

DeMarcus: [They walk into Liam’s living room where we meet Arnold, Samantha, and Lilly.]Hey, guys, what’s going on? I was on my computer and some weird window popped up. It said to stay indoors, but I figured I would come over, though because I don’t really think it could be too dangerous.

Arnold: Hey, DeMarcus, how’s it going, man? Do you know what’s going on out there?

Lilly: Some guys who work with my mom at the CDC said that there was some kind of disease or something going around.

Samantha: Yeah, some of my friends whose parents work with the military said that their parents had to go out to the big cities and “defend” them. I guess whatever it is is dangerous.

Liam: Well, I’ll turn on the news. Man, I have never said that before in my whole life.

Reporter on News:--are advised to head to the larger cities. If you are just tuning in with us, there is a dangerous disease causing the dead to rise and infect the living with a bite or scratch to any open skin. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is working on a cure to this mass mayhem disease. If you have no way to head to any large cities we suggest you stay indoors at all times. We are now going to show videos captured of these deadly humanoids attacking innocent civilians. Warning the following videos contain graphic images. We suggest you take your children to a different room. [A video of a little girl walking down toward her father yelling “DADDY, there was a bad man and he was chasing me.” Then was when her father took a bite out of her shoulder she started crying and the man who had the camera started to run away.] That was when the TV turned off.

Samantha: What happened to the TV, Liam?

Liam: I don’t know maybe the dish is getting blocked by something. Boy am I glad my dad taught me stuff like that.

[Liam and DeMarcus walk outside to get the ladder to get on the roof, but a group of six of the things on the news saw them and started to chase them.]To Be Continued……….