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    IM BACK!!!

    September 12, 2012 by Pwningwalkers

    YO, GUYS!!!! It has been a long time since I was on here and I apologize. I have been working my butt off on a bunch of stuff. I was trying to work on a small book. Trying to work with all the freakin homework ya get in high school and football. So I hope you guys forgive me and I hope to be working on the stories I started. Thanks for the support.

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    there it is J

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    Vato's return

    June 9, 2012 by Pwningwalkers

    Hey, guys it's Pwningwalkers here. I was thinking, in the Season 2 premiere there was supposed to be the return of the Vatos, or rather the return of the Vato's very well protected nursing home. So I was going to write a script of what I thought might be something like the premiere of Season 2 that they cut out so here goes nothing. And I am going soully of what I saw in the trailer so please don't be too harsh about it.

    [The group just leaves the C.D.C. after the explosion.]

    Sophia: Mommy, where is Jacqui?

    Carol: Umm. Sophia, Jacqui was scared and she umm she...

    Lori: She wanted to stay with the doctor, because she didn't want him to be all alone.

    Sophia: But the place blew up. Did they kill themselves?

    [Cue theme song]

    [The group is stopped at …

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    The Walking Dead: The Survivors – Part Four

    [DeMarcus is just starting to wake up and he sees Beth and Gloria are already up and talking. DeMarcus gets up and goes to talk to Hershel. He gets down to the kitchen where Hershel and Maggie are talking about whether DeMarcus and his friends should stay.]

    Maggie: Dad, we don’t know if they are dangerous.

    Hershel: Maggie, they have offered to help us. They are not dangerous. You just need to trust me.

    Maggie: OK, but if they do one thing that will hurt Beth I will....

    DeMarcus: Hey, Hershel. Can I talk to you?

    Hershel: Yes, of course. [Maggie leaves the room angrily.]

    DeMarcus: When would you want me and my friends to start our work around the farm?

    Hershel: Your friend, Liam, has already started moving…

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    The Walking Dead: The Survivors – Part Three

    [Liam and DeMarcus go over to the door and look through the small peephole on the door. Across the hall, they see a small group of zombies trying to break down the door of another dorm room. Then they hear a snapping sound. They look out the peephole once more. Then they hear a woman screaming for help.]

    Liam: We have to go help her!!!

    DeMarcus: NO!!! She is long gone by now. Those things already broke down her door not much longer until they come for us.

    Gloria: Beth, I thought you said this place was safe.

    Beth: It was. The guards must have been overrun, or something. Wait, I know a place where we could be safe. My family owns a farm a couple miles away from here. If we could get a car and drive th…

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