When i see people do "what wepons would you use" and i read what people would use, they often dont consider things such as jaming and cleaning the guns, so im going to overview that most comman type of each wepon for each catogorey, first one up is handguns.


A common handgun- common law sidearm. it loads clips, which not only reqiures the bullets, but also the empty clips to load the bullets into. i dont own one or every shot one, but from what ive heard, certin models tend to jam. so do some looking up before you buy a glock, see if its known to jam. if you dont buy one but plan on finding one if a Za ever occurs, you'll probably wont be to safe with out training for jaming models. For ones that dont jam, just dont toss awawy empty clips.

Revlovers- a very reliable choice! with a revolver, you dont need clips to load, just bullets. revolvers have many diffrent forms of ammo. the most common revolver is a six shot,but its possible to find 5 shots, or 8 shots. ive heard about 4 shots but i have no confirmation on this.Quick note, a revolver is the type of gun, the magnum is a form of ammo that has much more power behind it.

any i missed i'll add later

sorry for any spelling errors