Since 2008, i have been an avid reader of the walking dead. i started out reading the first issue in my local comic store and afterwards, i ended up purchasing the first compendium. in 2010 when the first season of walking dead the tv show appeared i was hyped as hell to see it. and for the most part...I liked it. it had its quirks and faults, and flat out terrible leaps in logic but aside from that, it was good. but as the show went on i started to notice somthing strikingly different between the two mediums. call me nostalgic but i just enjoy the comic book so much more for whatever reason. but i wanted to just give you guys a general idea as to why and than discuss it with you all. and the main reason for why i felt this way initially was for one thing....the characters.

now both character sets are really good in their own right. the television show has given us faces that are almost synonymous with the series as a whole such as t-dog and the dixon brothers. and for the most part the tv series have taken the core essentials from the comic characters and have given them due credit on the show, giving us the feeling that we are seeing this (sometimes) long deceased characters thrive and live again....for the most part. that being said however one of the major problems with the walking dead tv show is that the characters for the most part are pretty sqeeky clean by comparison, for example hershel in the comics had many flaws, he nearly killed rick for what happened on his farm, he kicked them out only for rick to come back and save him, he beat his own son when the son accused him of being responsible for (spoilers) the deaths involving his daughters, and so much more. but despite that we all knew that he ulitmatly had a good heart and in the end he (spoilers) died a good man. and thats just one instance, the comic book characters were very faulty, they had issues and personal problems and lusts and desires.....almost like real human beings. the tv show on the other hand for the most part, there were too many heroes coming along. in season 3 for example a ton of comic book characters felt rather strange considering how we saw them last time, such as lori (the manipulator) t-dog (the pragmatic man who went along with shane's slaughter of the barn walkers), tyreese (do i really need to go there) and most notable perhaps...michonne. and not that theres anything wrong with being a paragon character 100 percent of the time but have someone or somthing push against that and exploit the faults with being 100 percent paragon, or lawful good. have the conflict show why its hard to be that mentality or why a character would hold onto that mentality. of even better given the character faults and inner conflict. i want to see more of that, especially with tyreese. i see alot of potential with him. but than again just saying my thoughts, what about you guys?

- Prof.LeeEverett #4Clementine.