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  • I live in Macon
  • I was born on January 16
  • My occupation is I teach history and writing and things like that.
  • I am Male
  • Prof.LeeEverett

    I looked up alignment charts and found that there are quite alot of them for various works, and i thought id make one for the walking dead video game. this is what i came up with. what do you guys think? and what would you have done differently?

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  • Prof.LeeEverett

    Since 2008, i have been an avid reader of the walking dead. i started out reading the first issue in my local comic store and afterwards, i ended up purchasing the first compendium. in 2010 when the first season of walking dead the tv show appeared i was hyped as hell to see it. and for the most part...I liked it. it had its quirks and faults, and flat out terrible leaps in logic but aside from that, it was good. but as the show went on i started to notice somthing strikingly different between the two mediums. call me nostalgic but i just enjoy the comic book so much more for whatever reason. but i wanted to just give you guys a general idea as to why and than discuss it with you all. and the main reason for why i felt this way initially w…

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  • Prof.LeeEverett

    I was looking over the walking dead articles recently, and noticed that in the first season of the video game, there were three main characters, Lee was the playable and lead character, clementine was the deuteragonist, and the tritagonist was kenny. And when i saw that, it made me think of the walking dead mediums and i began wondering who the main three characters (loosely) were. now, i realize that the walking dead's cast is usually made up of an ensemble cast, but thinking like this, i always thought that in the tv show, it was rick as the protagonist, carl as the deuteragonist, and rounding it out was Daryl. while in the comics i thought that andrea toke the role as tritagonist while carl and rick stayed in place. but i want to know w…

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