Unnamed Male Corporal's M4A1


Unnamed Male Corporal/Dr. Edwin Jenner/Hershel/Rick Grimes' M4A1


Another view of the Unnamed Male Corporal's Aimpoint.

800px-WDM4 2

Take a look at the M4A1's magazine and strap.


Dr. Edwin Jenner's M4A1


Another view of Dr. Edwin Jenner's acquired M4A1.


The last time we see the M4A1 in Season 1 and 2. (Note the Aimpoint is now mounted backwards)

800px-TWDS3E01 12

The very same M4A1 the Unnamed Male Corporal and Dr. Edwin Jenner had. Notice the missing strap? and the same Aimpoint only mounted backwards?

800px-TWDS3E08 02

The M4A1 now with strap.


Rick's M4A1 with the same Aimpoint with all the pictures shown here in this blog.


Another view of the Rick's M4A1.


Full view of Rick's M4A1 complete with strap and the Aimpoint.

First of all, sorry for starting with pictures it's my first time to make a blog I'm not actually new here I have been in this site for a year I'm just stubborn and decided to create an account today lol.                                                            


Ok ok I made this blog because it has been bothering me for months and I am somehow obsessed with the fact that these characters in the picture have the same weapon, as you can see from the first picture the Unnamed Male Corporal is holding what happens to be a M4A1 that made it's way in to Dr. Edwin Jenner, Hershel, and Rick Grimes' hand. My theory is after the Unnamed Male Corporal escaped the hospital he and his troops were called to protect the CDC, seeing that there were many dead soldiers there they failed. Then Dr. Edwin Jenner took it. After allowing Rick and his group to stay in the CDC someone in the group probably took it because Dr. Edwin Jenner probably won't need it where he is going next (lol). They just didn't use the M4A1 on season 2 seeing that it's ammo is rare and they already got lots of guns same goes with Tony's Mossberg HS12. We saw Rick took Tony's weapon and shotgun shells after killing him and that was the last time we saw the Mossberg HS12 even if he had the ammo, see my point? anyway sometime after Season 2 they acquired little ammo for the M4A1 and different weapons along the way and this is the first time we see the group use the M4A1. Let me know what you think and comment below and don't tell me that The Walking Dead just ran out of props and used the same M4A1 in Season 1 because they were saving money lol. Let's be civil and do not post unnecessary comments. :)