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  • I am GH0ST
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    Rick's M4A1

    April 15, 2013 by PrickGrimes

      First of all, sorry for starting with pictures it's my first time to make a blog I'm not actually new here I have been in this site for a year I'm just stubborn and decided to create an account today lol.                                                            


    Ok ok I made this blog because it has been bothering me for months and I am somehow obsessed with the fact that these characters in the picture have the same weapon, as you can see from the first picture the Unnamed Male Corporal is holding what happens to be a M4A1 that made it's way in to Dr. Edwin Jenner, Hershel, and Rick Grimes' hand. My theory is after the Unnamed Male Corporal escaped the hospital he and his troops were called to protect the CDC, seeing t…

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